4 Easter Eggs From IT You Might Have Missed

Eddie Kasprak's T-Shirt 

Sure, Eddie Kasprak’s tee looks inconspicuous enough, just an 80s style tee with a retro car graphic on the front.  Though after a closer look, it becomes clear the glowing green eyes on the car is a nod to another one of Stephen King's novels, Christine. Maybe we're reaching a little bit, but neither King nor Muschietti are ones to place things into the scene without reason.

Eddie Kaspbrak's Christine TShirt

Maturin the Turtle

A small Lego turtle can be seen in Bill's room.  He also makes a quick remark about seeing a turtle while swimming with the others in the Loser's Club.  

If you've read the novel you'll know that although Maturin, more commonly known as the Turtle, doesn't make it into the movie spotlight, Muschietti is sure to include a couple well deserved nods; further hinting at the larger King Universe.  

Maturin is described in the novel as a creature from the same domain as It.  Seems fitting that Bill be the one dropping Turtle references, since it's Bill the Turtle teaches methods of defeating It.

Like many of King's creatures, Maturin also makes appearances in The Dark Tower series as one of the guardians of the beams that hold up the Dark Tower.   The Turtle largely plays a spectator role throughout IT.  

Bill Denbrough Lego Turtle

The Deadlights

In one scene, Pennywise opens his mouth, fully revealing rows of razor sharp pointed teeth, but further beyond that, a mysterious whirling glow; the Deadlights. What is depicted inside Pennywise is the Macroverse, a space between spaces where both It, and Maturin the Turtle originated.  The Macroverse is where It returns to lay dormant for the 27 year hibernation between feeding.  Not that we weren't already convinced, but clearly Pennywise is not of this world.

The Deadlights

I Heart Derry

Just before the red balloon in the shadows pops, revealing both It and Patrick Hocksetter’s ill fate, 'I heart Derry' can be seen printed on the balloon.  Another well deserved nod to one of It’s victims in the novel, Adrian Mellon, who wore an 'I heart Derry' hat, was thrown off a bridge by three troubled youths, where Pennywise waited below.  

The initial inspiration for Pennywise first appeared when Stephen King's transmission dropped right out the bottom of his car while driving in Boulder, Colorado.  When the AMC Matador’s repairs were completed and the dealership called him to pick it up, King decided instead of calling a cab that he would walk.  While walking down the deserted mile long road he crossed an arch bridge with wooden planks, leading him to think of "The Three Billy-Goats Gruff" fairy tale, and what his own Troll story might look like.  King toyed with the premise for almost 2 years before he gave himself an ultimatum, to “write about the troll under the bridge or leave him--IT--forever.”

I Heart Derry

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