Gift Ideas for the T-Shirt Lover on Your List

In case you hadn't realised, we're big fans of t-shirts.  We love designing them, and we love checking out and wearing tees designed by others; be it a large brand or an independent artist.  Quality and aesthetics are what matter most.  

With that said, we know it can be tough to receive a tee you're not stoked about.  And it can be even more difficult to give someone close to you a tee that you soon realise they're never going to wear.  That's why we created this T-Shirt Lover's Gift Guide, based on some of our favourite tees that we've come across over the last few months.  

1. Retro Reebok Tee.  This simple throwback tee features retro purple colours along with the classic, signature Reebok logo.  $35 at Nordstom.  

Retro Reebok Tee - TShirt Lovers Gift Guide


2. Polaroid Originals Tee.  This t-shirt features the classic Polaroid coloured bar logo, and is a great addition to any t-shirt, or retro lover's wardrobe.  $25.99 on the Polaroid Originals website.  

Polaroid Originals Tee - Polaroid Originals Website


3. Throwback Joystick Tee.  Perfect for any retro gamers, and just about anyone born in the '80s.  This throwback tee reminds us of a simpler time, before complex controllers when pass-play was the only type of multiplayer around.  Available from ZNA Creative at $34.  Plenty of colours to choose from.  


4. Adopt a Demodog Tee.  This whimsical Stranger Things tribute tee is perfect for any t-shirt lover or Stranger Things aficionado on your list.  Starting a $19 on Threadless.   

Adopt a Demodog Tee from Threadless.  Tshirt Gift Buying Guide | T-Shirt Lovers


5. Stay Curious - Mars Rover Tee.  Love science, space and astronomy?  If you already own anything with a NASA logo on it, chances are you're going to love this tee.  Starting at $19 on Threadless.  

Stay Curious Mars Rover Tee from Threadless


6. Naps. Tee from ZNA Creative.  Do you or someone you know love naps?  Is napping after a long and uneventful Saturday something you look forward to?  This tee is for you!  Available for $34 at ZNA Creative.  


7. Just Do It Later.  This tee is a great play on Nike's "Just Do It" slogan.  The shirt is much like our own shirts, custom designed by an independent artist.  Have Nike fans on your list?  Available from RedBubble at $17.  

Just Do It Later Tee from RedBubble -  The TShirt Lovers Gift Guide


8. Demogorgon Park.  Another tribute to one of our favourite Netflix series, Stranger Things.  However, this shirt doesn't only pay homage to the Upside Down, but also mashes in another favourite, Jurassic Park.  Designed by an independent artist.  $34 from ZNA Creative.  


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