The Ultimate Sticker Gift Guide

Our first venture into the creative world was with stickers.  Since then, they've always had somewhat of a soft spot in our heats.  We put this gift list together because we know there are plenty of die hard sticker fanatics out there, and we know they can be equally hard to buy for.  Our aim is to help make shopping for those individuals easier, so you can surprise them with something they'll love; and actually use.


1. Matt Gondek's "Sticker Pack 2" featuring The Simpsons "Nuclear Family".  $20 on Gondek's StoreEnvy shop.

Matt Gondek Sticker Slap Pack - Homer - The Simpsons Nuclear Family


2.  Planets Colour Sticker.  These particular slaps are offered by RedBubble, a platform for artists to upload their artwork and have it produced and shipped by RedBubble directly to the artist's customers.  This low barrier to entry means that just about anyone can upload their designs, resulting in some really great and unique artwork.  $2.50 each on RedBubble.  

Planets Colour Sticker on Notebook - The Ultimate Sticker Gift Guide


3. Demogorgon Park - Stranger Things x Jurassic Park mashup stickers.  Available from in packs of 10 or more.  Sticker packs starting at $26 on


4. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Sticker.  This massive sticker is available from another independent artist on RedBubble.  The Great Wave sticker starts at $15.02.  

The Great Wave of Kanagawa Oversized Sticker pictured on a refrigerator - The Ultimate Sticker Gift Guide


5. Slap Pack from Sticker Robot.  Sticker Robot has been one of the pioneers in the sticker community since the early days.  Bringing some of the world's highest quality, screen printed stickers that we've ever seen.  The sticker world wouldn't be the same without them.  Sticker Robot slap packs starting at $8.  

Sticker Robot Heavyweights Slap Pack.  High quality screen printed stickers.  The Ultimate Sticker Gift Guide


6. Retro 80's Tape Cassette sticker.  Perfect for the 80s gamer on your list! Available from ZNA Creative in packs of 10 or more, starting at $26 per pack.  Check it out on their website.  


7. The Postman Sticker Bundle.  Got a developer on your list? Someone working with systems and API?  This sticker pack was made for them! The Postman Team, a great bunch of individuals, provides resources to test API calls in a virtual environment, helping you prepare your app for the real world.  Check the $7.50 sticker bundle out on their website.


8. StickerApp is pretty new, but they didn't waste any time making their mark on the sticker world.  Not only do they offer custom sticker printing, but also have a marketplace full of great designs like this creative sticker featuring Fuller, from the Home Alone series.  Available from $8.50 on the StickerApp.

9. Another one from StickerApp!  Perfect for any Nick Cage movie fan or critic, this Nicholas Cage x (what appears to be?) Pickle Rick.  Available on StickerApp starting around $4.


10. Pancakes!  Who doesn't like pancakes?  Available from StickerYou The Store, starting at $4.


11. Throwback Zapper stickers.  Remember Duck Hunt?  Some of our best childhood memories involve sitting in front of a 12 inch TV screen holding onto one of these orange (or even before orange, grey) zappers, sitting just a few feet from the screen.  These stickers are perfect for the 80s gamer on your gift list. Available from ZNA Creative in sticker packs of 10 or more, starting at $24.  


12. Adventure Time x Rick and Morty mashup stickers.  The bringing together of two great series; we're always a sucker for a good cartoon crossover.  In this sticker Rick has been mashed with Jake the Dog, and Morty has been mashed up with Finn.  Stickers available from Simp Pins, starting at €2.

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