Top 5 Free Online Photo Editors

Need to edit an image, but don't have any software like Photoshop on your computer? No worries! There are plenty of great online editors that can be used for free, without downloading any software. To help simplify things, we've put together a list of some of our favourites. 

These web based photo editors run within your browser, so they'll work on any type of computer, and often times even on a mobile device. 


Canva is a free photo editing (web) app, with plenty of tools and features to help your photos look their best. The app is quick and easy to use, so you can have your photos edited within just a few minutes and a couple of clicks. Canva's Photo Editor.

A screenshot of the Photo Editor. Free online photo editor


Be funky is another great online photo editor. They've got plenty of filters and effects you can apply to your images, ensuring they stand out amongst the crowd. Of course it has all the basic functionality you'd need too; from resizing, cropping, or rotating images. BeFunky is your one-stop-shop for image adjustments. Not only that, BeFunky also offers photo printing through CanvasPop, one of the hottest places to get your photos printed on the web. Check out BeFunky's Photo Editor.

BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor


Pixlr can be a great option when it comes to free photo editors. There's a stock photography option, in case you need to add a background or image to your collage, to help tie things together. The original version of Pixlr requires Flash to run, which isn't really used very often anymore, and might not be installed on all computers. To workaround this, Pixlr has released Pixlr X (pictured below), which can run within the browser, without the need for Flash. Check out Pixlr X!

Pixlr Free Online Photo Editor


Fotor is great. One of the main benefits is being able to move your photos around within templates; allowing you to create beautiful collages in just a couple of clicks. However Fotor isn't just for photos! The free online software can be used to create things like business cards, or marketing materials. Fotor is definitely worth checking out.  View the Fotor Free Photo Editor.

Fotor Free Online Photo Editor


While we don't have as much experience with Photopea, from what we've seen while playing around with it so far, it's some pretty powerful software. The layout and tooling options will be familiar to any fans of Adobe's Photoshop. Photopea seems to have really outdone themselves here.  That said, Photopea may be best suited for more in-depth or heavy edits, and can be a bit more challenging for newer users.  All around, Photopea is a fantastic piece of software, and definitely a photo editor you should have bookmarked. Photopea free Photo Editor.

Photopea - An online photo editor, with very similar characteristics of Photoshop

While is not quite what you may have in mind when it comes to a photo editor, we thought it was worth a mention for the sheer simplicity. will automatically remove the background from any photo in just a couple seconds, without any manual tracing or fine tuning required.  Check out's Background Removal Tool. a free online tool for removing the background of photos and raster image files

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