4 of Our Favourite Instagram Photographers

Whether you're just signing up for Instagram, or you're a weathered veteran, we've got a few accounts you need to know about.  Ranging from seasoned pros to up and coming underdogs, with a variety of photography styles to suit your taste; if you're not already following these four, we definitely recommend it.  


We've recently become big fans of Brian Ladder and his photography style on Instagram.  Ladder's photos often feature architecture, aerial shots and bold patters, often paired with either of the former.  Follow along on Instagram here.


Josh Packer's photography depicts adventurous imagery from prairie farmlands to mountainous sunsets.  He is a master at creating consistent flow throughout the picture, leading eyes and attention to exactly where it should be.  Hit up his Instagram here.


Jim Richardson has been shooting for Nat Geo for the past six years; browsing his Instagram feed is like taking an accelerated tour around the world.  His photographs cover a wide spectrum of animals, landscapes and people, constantly evoking emotions of wonder and awe.  Richardson's Instagram account can be found here.


Smita Jacob loves Boston, and her love of the city shines through in her Instagram photography.  Originally hailing from Botswana, it's clear the city of Boston has won her over.  She's not all Boston though, the avid pro frequently travels; rarely without her camera.  From skylines and waterfronts to mountaintops and oceanfronts, Smita Jacob's profile is one you'll want to be sure you're following.  Her IG account can be found here.

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